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Since society is steadily developing a greater awareness of drugs and drug consumption generally, we from Candyflip have made it our goal to educate about it 

It’s a topic society prefers to avoid and chooses rather not to talk about. But virtually everybody does it on a daily basis. Most people don’t even realize that they take a cup of drugs as soon as they get up in the morning. “Without my coffee in the morning I’m useless”. Everyone has probably heard these words being uttered at least once or they will even use them themselves.
But that’s usually not the end of the story. Many people are not able to enjoy coffee without smoking a cigarette afterwards, or even simultaneously – seems to make perfect sense. If you then treat yourself to something sweet to relax and achieve a taste experience (that’ll tickle your taste buds), you have already had one of the worst drugs ever. sugar. The sad thing: it doesn’t end here.
In order to burn that sugar they have been indulging in, many people practice sports. Yes, sport is also a drug, but a very healthy and beneficial one. Make sure to abuse this drug as much as you can! Another drug many people underestimate or maybe even don’t recognize as a drug at all is love ! Everyone who has ever been in love knows what is meant here. It’s like popping a pill of ecstasy without the horrendous side effects and a love addiction will not get you into rehab (Exceptions confirm the rule).
In order to wind down in the evening, most people unfortunately resort to the most legal poison out there. Good, ol’ alcohol! Yes, alcohol is a drug. We founded our company because we could no longer stand people separating those two things in a sentence: “alcohol and drugs”. How is it that such a dangerous drug as alcohol is completely distanced from other drugs and thus is being disparaged – in addition, this is even approved by the constitutional.
Now we have ticked off the legal or partially legal drugs (on our agenda).
Since discussing hard drugs would reach beyond the scope of this article.  For that we have merely created an overview telling you on what substances we would like to elaborate in our apps:
  • Hallucinogens – LSD, Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms), Mescaline, DMT, 2C-B, MDMA
  • Stimulants – Amphetamine, Cocaine, Caffeine, Ephidrine
  • Depressants – Codeine, Heroin, Fentanyl, Methadone, Benzos
So if we got your attention and you’re eager to learn more about it, just wait for our upcoming apps. We have come up with some cool concepts to raise your awareness toward the topic and make it more “thrilling”
Now you might wonder: “Well, that sounds all good, but why is your first app a drinking game and the second one a smoke app then?”
Here is a simple explanation: We want to use this clever tactic to get the first steps into your heads, so that you can wash it all out again later with new apps. No – all kidding aside.
Unfortunately, we also have to reinvest in ourselves and our products, and sadly it is a fact that alcohol still sells best and drinking games have not lost any popularity among generations. This creates reach and  therefore we’re able to continue to work on some more educational apps. We hope you’ll understand! 🙂
Candyflip focuses primarily on the development of mobile games/apps, which should have the goal of addressing a topic that is tolerated only by the fewest and yet affects so many people.
The entrepreneurial goal is to educate people about drugs. Especially in times of Corona, winter depression and loneliness, people find it harder and harder not to do drugs. But since there are safer use rules for every drug, and people can’t be prevented from using certain substances anyway, it should be important to teach people how to use them safely in order to minimize the risks.
The company also wants to clear up false prejudices about certain substances with its apps. It is clear that this topic is a dance on a knife edge and must be handled very sensitively.
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The people who work at CANDYFLIP share the vision and values of our community.

We’re driven by the idea that the best work is born from diligence, experience, passion and fun.




Simon is one of the founder and owner of the company.


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Bobby is also one of the founder and owner. That is so awesome!