Looking to test your skills and knowledge of medicines and drugs with an online quiz? Start using the most unique quiz and learning app for drugs knowledge - Drug Quiz for the most comprehensive list of drugs questions.

This Online Drug Quiz has so many different categories and difficulty levels to play. You can play easy, medium or high difficulty level quizzes on the app. You will find a wide range of trivia questions and multiple-choice questions to test your general and specific knowledge. You will find questions from different subjects of medicine. You can even play quiz contests and compete with other players on the leaderboard.
This online quiz is a beautifully designed quiz app to build and test your skills.

App Highlights
Still looking for reasons that make the “Drug Quiz” unique among all other quiz apps. Here are features of the app that make it incredible
• Hundreds of quiz questions
• Choose quiz questions based on categories
• Play alone, online against friends / other human beings or against AI
• Gain knowledge about legal and illegal substances
• Effects, side effects, dangers, safer use, nicknames, years of discovery, etc.
• Scientifically researched questions
• Invite your friends and win points

Game Modes


Four possible answers to each question.


True or false questions / answers


Weekly contest: Play challenging contests every week


Random Mode: Random questions from all categories


Quiz Zone: Questions filtered by category / subcategory & level-wise


Self Challenge - Challenge yourself by setting your own statistics

So, what are you waiting for? Download this unique trivia app now to build your knowledge and skills in the field of drugs.

Important note:
The app is intended exclusively(!) to scientifically educate about the topic of drugs! In no way should this app be interpreted in such a way that the consumption of any drugs is trivialized, approved, imposed, advocated or the like! We strongly condemn the abuse of illegal - as well as legal! - substances and would like to show a new understanding for the substances with this app.

To sum it up. This app is only intended to educate - based on scientific facts! It should not motivate anyone to consume or similar!

Frequently asked questions

Android devices version ?.?+ (Smartphones and Tablets)

Our development team is currently working on developing it ASAP for Apple products. Unfortunately, this is a longer process, so we can’t say when the app will be available in the Apple Store.

We have decided that the app will be available for you for free in the initial phase. Sooner or later, however, we will have to generate money. For this reason, it will probably come one day that we change the model to freemium and offer a subscription.

The only condition is that you do not violate any applicable laws in your home country and are over 18 years old (or 21 in the U.S.) when you get the game.

You can find a kind of statement about this in our About us page.

We have set up a special page for this purpose. You can find it here. A speculative application is possible at any time. We are looking forward to your application.

Please check the following steps to troubleshoot your Drunk ‘n’ Master app:

  • Is your internet connection active? (In principle you don’t need internet access, but it can be that Google grumbles there again and again something)
  • Make sure you’ve the newest version
  • Make sure your smartphone is supported

Please send a message to support@candyflip-play.com

Thank you!